Member Pippa T. on how her fitness has improved since joining AWCF:
Wow. How hasn’t it changed? I’m physically and mentally stronger, for one. My cardiovascular health has improved, my muscle tone has improved, my movement standards are far superior to where they were 6 months ago. I’m lifting heavier and lifting faster. I mean, seriously, everything about my fitness has gotten better since joining the gym.

Member Karl B. on why he decided to try AWCF:
With the conclusion of my wrestling career, I was searching for something that I could do to keep up my physical shape and stay active. I saw Coach Robert bringing in a barbell one day and thought, “oh I like barbells!.” So, I gave it a try, and it was immensely fun along with a culture, community and philosophy of fitness that I could really get on board with. I was hooked.

Hannah Haupt
As a new cross fitter I was skeptical. After I set foot into Applewood Crossfit everyone was so welcoming and helpful!! The facilities are top notch and all of the coaches are knowledgeable about proper form and technique. I already feel at home here!

Kirsten Garrett
Applewood Crossfit is Amazing!!! The facility is top notch and the coaches are the best I’ve seen! Their kids Crossfit program is also awesome!!! Who doesn’t love functional fitness?!?

Kate Dimmitt
From the moment I stepped into Applewood CrossFit I knew I was home! I’ve been crossfitting for a few years now and was looking for a close knit, open community with knowledgeable and well-rounded coaches… And I found it all! The coaches really know their stuff and I’m making more gains now than I have in months! Come in soon and you’ll never regret it!!

Richard Lee
Applewood represents the most current knowledge base in the crossfit industry. The facility and equipment are first rate. Instruction is available but encouragement is plentiful and free.

Renee Lund
Applewood Crossfit is hands down the best Crossfit Gym that I have been too. I’m new to the area, and to the lifestyle. It’s a great place to start with knowledgable trainers, and staff. It fits my schedule perfectly, and I’m excited to continue my journey here with my family and theirs. Highly Reccomended!

From Monique Medina:
Going into CrossFit I was very unsure of what it would be like. I’ve never really been much of a fitness person. I have tried your typical gym, only to sit on my butt and play on my phone. But CrossFit really changed my mind after the AWCF Foundations Bootcamp experience….it showed me that I have more endurance than I thought and that I can be stronger than I can act. I’ve loved the subtle changes that have happened over a six-week course and it’s motivated me to keep going. Also, the coaches and atmosphere at AWCF is amazing. And the community has been so supportive and welcoming and was a huge part of what brought me to a place where I’m willing to pay for both myself and my son. And that’s a huge deal for me because I thought CrossFit was overpriced at first. But after seeing what you get and understanding how important it is having a coach to make sure you move right and stay motivated, it was obvious it is worth it!!!! I would highly recommend to my friends and family Applewood CrossFit. Coach Robert and Chris have both been amazing Coaches and have become friends of mine!!

From Vickie Berkley
I was intimidated to try Crossfit, as I have an inactive lifestyle as an office worker. The Bootcamp that Chris Morrison led was a great introduction to Crossfit. Exercises were modified for my fitness level and Chris checked in often with me to see how I was doing.

At the end of six weeks, I was stronger than I had been. I also have more energy.

The atmosphere that has been created at Applewood Crossfit is very inclusive and supportive. There is always encouragement, no matter what your fitness level is. I would highly recommend the Bootcamp for those who want to give Crossfit a try.

Thanks for a great six weeks!

From Chris Manlove
This bootcamp has been really good for me. I’ve been working out off and on since high school, so I’ve had various personal trainers and gotten plenty of knowledge on nutrition. However, I’ve never tracked everything I eat and had someone provide feedback. While I feel like I know what’s good and not so good for me to eat, having someone actively looking and providing feedback and new insight was really helpful, and also helped motivate me to eat better. Having Coach Chris walk us through the different movements as well was very helpful. A lot of the movements I was unfamiliar with, and having Chris not only show us, but step us through why/how and give us each individual attention and tips on how to better improve was invaluable. Finally, I think the best part was having a team/competitive environment. Most of the time I’ve worked out, it’s either been alone or with one other person, and even then we’re generally going to the gym together and then doing different things. Going through the bootcamp with a group of people in a similar situation, 3 days a week developed a place for comeradery while working out. On top of that, posting scores and recording times/reps pushed me to work harder to try and beat myself. Overall, it was a great way to get me back into the rhythm of working out and pursuing a better sense of fitness and well-being.